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Did you know that you could get something like a free coupon for your buy 1 to get 1 free offer on McDonald’s? You can even provide valuable feedback and receive much more. All of this is possible through Mcdvoice. So, what exactly is Mcdvoice, and why isn’t it as popular as many other websites? Let’s dig deeper to find out everything we can. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of Mcdvoice and how you can take it or use it to get some offers and much more.

Mcdvoice – Customer Satisfaction Survey

mcdvoice survey

Mcdvoice is an online platform created by McDonald’s for customers to take surveys. If you have visited any McDonald’s store recently and have a receipt, it can be your ticket to get something free or, even better, discount coupons.

Whether you were highly satisfied or tremendously disappointed, it is a gateway that will record and forward your feedback. More importantly, it does matter, and the reviewers will hear out your issues.

1. Reasons For Less Popularity

You will get many options to provide feedback at McDonald’s. They might offer you a link to visit and give a rating. Alternatively, they might ask the same over call, message, or even social media texts. You can even write comments on the feedback book at the store or file a complaint directly to the manager.

However, most of these options can be abused by non-genuine customers. Some of these are just formalities for the stores to get ratings. Hence, Mcdvoice became a more authentic and genuine platform to provide any feedback.

This is the portal only those who care would use. You can go there to provide positive or negative feedback. The personnel working at McDonald’s will note it down and offer you an immediate response. Hence, the option is less popular than others.

2. Reward System For McdVoice

The primary reason you might want to take the Mcdvoice survey over anything else is that it has an incentive to provide rewards. Therefore, it is more valuable feedback. You can tell them anything you find worthy. It can be a suggestion or genuine feedback.


The rewards might vary, and it is unsure as to what the criteria for these rewards are. We can guess that the reward remains the same for a fixed amount of time. You can get anything from a free burger to a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon and much more. It is a random reward system but would certainly pay off to take as it doesn’t take too much of your time.

3. Feedback You Provide On McDVoice

Is there any limit or specific kind of feedback you can provide? Well, not exactly. You can provide feedback related to the service or the staff’s behavior. The portal allows you to give feedback on the quality of food, service, hygiene, cleanliness, or anything else you like.

If your feedback is more than impactful, you might even receive higher rewards and compensation. However, these can’t be made up. You can stick to the quality suggestions and services. There isn’t any specific limit or regulations to the kind of feedback you can provide.

4. Limit To Taking The McDVoice Survey

There is still a clear limit to how many times you can take the survey per month. You can take up to 5 surveys. But there is a loophole. The five survey rule is per person. Therefore, if you have friends or family members, they can take the survey separately, as well.

A candidate has to be at least 15 years old to take the survey, and that’s the maximum restriction we get on MCDVoice. Therefore, anyone can take up to 5 surveys per month if they are at least 15 years old.

How To Take The McDVoice Survey?

You need to have an active internet connection. It would be better if you do it over the desktop. You need to have the receipt from your last visit, and it shouldn’t be older than 30 days. If the receipt is older than 30 days, you can’t provide feedback. With that being said, here are the guidelines:

  • First, you need to visit the official website. It is
    visit mcdonalds customer satisfaction survey
  • Next, it will ask you to provide the 26-digit Survey code that is available on your receipt.
  • As you can see, you can also enable an accessibility-friendly version option, as well. This is for disabled individuals or people with special problems. Even they can provide their feedback.
  • You can also click on the top option to change the language to Spanish.
    change language on mcdvoice
  • Make sure to write down the survey code. However, if you can’t find the survey code, there is a different option available.
  • You can click on the link right below the receipt’s image to start without the survey number.
  • Once you start the survey, you will come across various questions. Most of these are short and related to food, the staff’s behavior, service, and other similar things. Make sure to answer them truthfully
    MCDVoice Survey Questions
  • Once you finish, you can click on  the ‘Submit button.’
    MCDVoice Survey Feedback
  • After completing the survey, you will receive a validation code. This validation code is the coupon code for your next visit to McDonald’s.

1. Points To Remember While Taking on Survey

Customer Survey is pivotal for McDonald’s and the store with its employees. They highly value the feedback and consistently work to provide the best services. Even if you make a suggestion for a menu or anything else, they will consider it. The survey is not a waste of time because you’re certainly earning something. More importantly, the Mcdvoice survey is prioritized over every other form of feedback.

  • The Mcdvoice is currently available in the USA and Canada only. You can only use it there and redeem coupons there.
  • While your receipt can be old, 7-days old receipt is acceptable for registration, primarily.
  • The coupon or validation code that you get will be valid for the next seven days. However, MCDVOICE can invalid the code or revoke it anytime they deem fit.
  • You can not be a McDonald’s worker or have a record of working in McDonald’s in the past to enjoy these discounts.
  • The discounts can be anything from free items to cashback.

Why MCDVoice Survey?

McDonald’s prioritizes customer feedback and experience. This is the primary reason that it has become the leading food chain worldwide. They listen to the input of their customers. This is something other chains had to follow up on to keep up with the competition. Still, McDonald’s aces in the field. It is the initiatives like Mcdvoice which make Mc. Donald’s stands out from the competitors. Hence, they have Mcdvoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. Can I Use MCDVOICE If I Live Outside the USA Or Canada?

Ans: You can use it, but there won’t be any point. However, if you’re a tourist visiting the USA or Canada, you can still use MCDVoice to provide your valuable feedback and earn rewards in return. There is no limit to that (apart from 5 surveys per month per user).

2Q. How Do I Redeem MCDVOICE Validation Code?

Ans: You can redeem the code on your next visit and order to McDonald’s. Make sure to inform the person taking your order before placing the order. Similarly, if you are getting a merchandise or cash reward, you might have to wait for the representative to contact you. Usually, McDonald’s provides additional instructions regarding these kinds of processes.

3Q. How Many Digits Are There On The Survey Code?

Ans: The code is 26 digits long, and it can’t be shorter or longer than that. If you can’t find the code, you can use the alternative method. These are the only two options available for you.


The interface for Mcdvoice is minimalist, and it is quite efficient. You can take it immediately without wasting any time. With that, now you know everything relevant related to Mcdvoice. Remember, the policies can change, and it would be better to keep yourself up to date.

Mcdvoice is better than raising your complaints to the Manager and others. This is somewhere where the entire food chain hears you and values your opinion. As you are putting efforts into providing valuable feedback, McDonald’s returns the favor by providing you a reward.

So go ahead and enjoy your free treats, merchandise, or cash with Mcdvoice. As we mentioned, the reward can vary greatly.

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